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2016 Canyoneering Instructional Courses

Level I – Introduction to Canyoneering: 1 Day
This course is an important step for anyone venturing down the path
towards becoming a safe and capable canyoneer.
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Level II – Intermediate Canyoneering: 2 Days
This course is designed to be the next step in becoming a proficient canyoneer.
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Level III – Advanced Canyoneering: 3 Days
Addresses the comprehensive challenges faced in advanced-level canyoneering.
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 2016 Summer Events

Full Moon Hike, Canyon, Climb

April 22, May 22, June 19

Join us every month from 8pm to midnight!
Under the light of the moon, from sunset to moonrise,
experience the desert as few others have.
With easy roped-climbing, fun scrabbling and rappels up to 80 feet,
our Full Moon trip is sure to be a night full of illumination.
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Indian Creek Jam Camp

May 7-8

Desert Crack-Climbing
requires certain jamming skills
difficult to hone anywhere
but on the cliffs of Southeast Utah.

Join us at our Biannual
Indian Creek Jam Camp Event

Desert Crack-Climbing
with the perfect backdrop
for building skills of grit and grace.

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 New Trips – Coming Soon!

We’re adding many routes to explore, so be sure to check back for the details:
We’ll be heading deeper into history, exploring multiple routes
both canyons and climbs, your choice
in a massive geologic anticline of sandstone, shale, and limestone
that began its formation 50 million years ago.

 Searching for a truly Unique Desert Experience?

Join us on a fun-filled “Rockaneering” Adventure

… all the best elements of Rock Climbing, Canyoneering and Mountaineering
combined into one exceptionally fun and exciting activity!

Family Rockaneering

Family Rockaneering
Created especially for active families who want a fun & relaxed introduction to rockaneering.

at 300 B.C.

Geared for small groups who want an engaging, educational & extremely rewarding day!

Rockaneering at 300 B.C.

Only Cliffs & Canyons offers this unique & intimate desert experience!

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More than 20,000 thrilled clients since 1999!

As Moab’s oldest climbing and canyoneering guide service, we’ve earned the reputation of being the area’s Vertical Specialists by safely guiding our clients through some of the most rugged and interesting desert terrain imaginable.

With our unrivaled collection of unique and challenging adventures our professional guides are committed to providing a deeply rewarding & enriching desert experience for our guests, each and every day!

We pride ourselves in being specialists in our area of expertise (rock climbing and canyoneering) we don’t offer any other types of trips! Our rock climbing and canyoneering pursuits are year round, working with international travel and adventure companies, film and photo productions.

We are committed to the life-long pursuit of the adventurous experience that rock climbing and canyoneering has to offer and the power it has to connect us to nature.

As Vertical Specialists, we do not take you and your family’s safety lightly… building a long term, trusting relationship with our guests is at the core of our business.  We hire and train only professional guides with a broad depth of personal experience in the vertical world.

As with all professions, you can’t teach experience and we firmly believe that when your safety is involved it is imperative that your guides have both extensive training and personal experience.

With Moab Cliffs & Canyons, you can relax and enjoy the adventure, knowing that you have experienced, safety conscious and highly skilled guides that you can confidently put your trust in.


Moab Cliffs & Canyons and 127 Hours!

Moab Cliffs & Canyons and 127 Hours
We had the rare and special privilege
of working closely with Danny Boyle
and crew on this film, both for
pre-production scouting and on-site
safety rigging / stunt work.

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and some of our other adventures in the world of Film & Photo Shoots!


This trip was awesome! I loved it. I will definitely be begging to come back again. Our guide was SUPER nice and listened to everything and answered all questions. You can count on me being back.

Annie, GA


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