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Moab Utah’s Desert Tower Rock Climbing Guide Services

Jutting out at various points across the landscape are some of Moab desert’s most unique features- the colossal sandstone towers. These enormous spires represent the ultimate climbing challenge for visiting climbers, many of who end up making return trips to conquer these incredible summits. Technical multi-pitch climbs, sheer rock faces, heady heights and an overwhelming sense of exposure are all part of the towers’ allure.

Guided Tower Climbing Adventures near Moab

Thanks to the experience and expertise of the AMGA-certified guides at Moab Cliffs & Canyons, you too can reach these amazing summits to take in the fantastic views from the top. Our guided desert tower climbing tours will take you to two of the most popular towers – Ancient Art and Castleton Tower for your next outdoor adventure.

As climbing and canyoneering experts, we go to great lengths to give our clients a deeply rewarding and enriching tower climbing experience. You can relax and enjoy on your trip knowing that you’re in the hands of highly skilled, safety conscious guides who are committed to giving you the adventure of a lifetime. They will customize your climbing trip, choosing routes that suit your needs and experience level so you can have fun on your tower-climbing exploits.

Additionally, they will regale you with stories about the area’s local history, natural geology and the myriad creatures and plants of the desert so you come away with a deeper appreciation of this wilderness ecosystem. Your trip will not only be enjoyable but also educational, helping you become a more responsible, environmentally conscious climber.

Our Tower Rock Climbing Trip Options

Our guided tours include full day trips to Ancient Art and Castleton Towers.


  • Ancient Art full day tower climbing trip.


This 5-6 hour trip is perfect for those making their first foray into tower climbing. With 4 awesome pitches offering diverse climbing, nearly 500ft of exposure and a crazy-looking corkscrew summit with a tiny perch, Ancient Art is a truly phenomenal tower. This is an ideal excursion for beginner or intermediate climbers of moderate fitness who like the challenge of ascending high airy places and are looking for a great introduction to multi-pitch climbing.


  • Castleton Tower (Castle Rock) full day tower climbing trip.


Looming tall 1,400ft above the desert, Castle Rock is the epitome of desert tower climbing. This 6-9 hour trip is meant for advanced-level climbers with prior multi-pitch crack climbing experience and advanced fitness. You can take your pick of the two most popular routes of the same difficulty: the North Chimney or Kor-Ingalls. Either route guarantees a full day of 4 to 5 pitches of challenging face and crack climbing, airy rappels and great exposure.

We also offer guided services for experienced climbers to other towers such as The Rectory, Elvis’ Hammer or Sister Superior, among others.

Call or email us for more information about our desert tower rock climbing guide services near Moab.

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Moab Utah’s Canyoneering Course Guide Services

As the premier climbing and canyoneering guide service in Moab, we at Moab Cliffs & Canyons are committed to helping people discover the wonders of our local slot canyons. Other than guided tours, we also provide canyoneering courses designed to give you the confidence and technical skills you need to safely pursue canyoneering while minimizing your impact on the fragile desert environment.

Our professionally guided courses combine ‘class time’ with practical lessons in the field and are customized to fit different fitness levels. This way, you learn the theory part of canyoneering then get a chance to test your knowledge by descending one or more canyons.

The instructional courses are divided into 3 levels- the Introductory Course, Intermediate Canyoneering Course and the Advanced Canyoneering Course.

Level I- Introduction to Canyoneering

This introductory course is meant to give you a solid understanding of canyoneering techniques and systems. The end goal is to help you learn and implement safe canyon practices and to empower you to eventually descend simple canyons independently.

This is a single-day course running for 5-7 hours consisting of half a day of groundwork covering the basics, followed by a half day of fieldwork. While previous rappelling or climbing experience is recommended, it’s not necessary and anyone 12 years old and above can enroll.

During the course, you can expect to learn about canyoneering gear (selection, use and care), simple rope setups used in canyoneering including different hitches, knots and bends, proper rappelling and belaying techniques, the canyon rating system and so much more.

Level II – Intermediate Canyoneering Course

The Intermediate course runs for 2 days, 5-7 hours a day and is open for all those above 12 years old. The goal of this course is to build on what was learned during the introduction and to take it further by elaborating on the usage of different specialized canyoneering tools and techniques.

Day 1 of the course is spent going over the ground skills required for safe canyoneering like proper equipment selection and care, reading and interpreting weather forecasts, canyon courtesy and ethics.

Day 2 is spent in a canyon environment where participants perfect their anchoring, climbing, on-rope and basic self-rescue techniques.

Level III- Advanced Canyoneering Course

This is the most intense course among the three. The minimum enrollment age for the 3-day course is 16 years and previous rappelling and climbing experience is mandatory.

Our aim here is to make you a proficient advanced-level canyoneer by reviewing and broadening the skills acquired at the intermediate level and also help you develop solid critical thinking and decision making skills through practical scenarios in the canyons.

Day 1 involves a comprehensive review of the basics while Day 2 delves into an extensive amount of advanced canyoneering skills and techniques. The final day is spent in the field participating in problem-solving, safety-checking and personal rescue exercises.

Please get in touch with us for reservations or inquiries. We’re always happy to help.

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Moab Utah’s Rock Climbing Guide Services

Moab, Utah has been described as the ultimate climbing trip destination and we at Moab Cliffs & Canyons definitely agree. The soft sandstone of the Moab desert is easily eroded by the elements to create rock faces, cracks and towers that present bountiful opportunities for rock climbers. Best of all, the coarse texture of sandstone provides excellent grip allowing climbers to ascend slopes of all kinds.

As specialists in canyoneering and rock climbing, we are committed to providing deeply enriching guided rock climbing tours for our clients. Our trips are a fantastic experience for kids, parents, beginners and veterans alike.

Rock Climbing In The Moab Area

We take the safety of our clients very seriously which is why all our guides are AMGA-certified professionals with extensive training and vast personal experience in climbing. They know how to select the best quality climbs to suit your needs and experience level, ensuring that you not only view the beauty of Moab’s cliffs but also get to climb them.

During each trip, we will teach you the rudimentary climbing techniques and safety practices so you can become a proficient climber. There’s no need to worry about the equipment as we’ll provide the technical climbing gear you’ll need including helmets, climbing shoes, harnesses, ropes, belaying and rappelling devices, among others.

As part of our philosophy on being responsible stewards of the desert, our guides will address subjects like the area’s geology, local history, flora and fauna to give you a better understanding and appreciation of the desert ecosystem.

Guided Rock Climbing Trip Options

We offer a variety of ½ Day or Full Day guided climbing tours based on the participants’ abilities. These include:

  • Beginning and Intermediate Single-Pitch Climbing – Our Moab Cragging trips are perfect for 1st-time climbers and those with limited experience. You can choose between a ½ day trip (4-5 hours) or a full-day one (8 hours), both providing a feel for the local rock and a relaxed climbing atmosphere.
  • Multi-Pitch Climbing. For this, you can opt between the ½ day trip to Looking Glass Rock with quality climbs and an expansive view or a full day trip to the San Rafael Swell for an easy to moderate climb between giant upturned slabs.
  • Full Day Intermediate to Advanced Climbing. If you’re an intermediate or advanced climber looking for face-climbing opportunities, our guides will take you to some of Moab’s best climbs in an area that sits at around 8,000 ft. above the ground.
  • Full Day Advanced Crack Climbing. If advanced crack-climbing is your thing, you can’t miss out on our full day (7-9 hours) or multi-day trips to Indian Creek- considered the best crack climbing area in the country. This is the place to perfect your climbing while learning and practicing various jamming techniques.

Regardless of your age or experience, our climbing tours are guaranteed to be fun. For more information, get in touch with Moab Cliffs & Canyons today.

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Moab Utah’s Canyoneering Guide Services

The Moab desert hides lots of canyons carved deep into the sandstone. Something about these beautiful, narrow earthen corridors has enticed and challenged wilderness adventurers since the late 1800s.

With Moab Cliffs & Canyons, you too can explore these narrow twisting canyons and discover their secrets. Our canyoneering guided tours will take you to some narrow passages, weaving through giant dome-like rock features and riparian environments that create unexpected oases in the desert.

These fascinating outdoor adventures will have you hiking, down-climbing, rappelling, scrambling over rock passages and occasionally wading or swimming through water-filled potholes.

Canyoneering Adventures near Moab

As Moab’s oldest climbing and canyoneering guide service, we focus on helping our clients navigate the vast, extraordinary Utah desert landscape. Our Moab canyon trips are always scenic, memorable and deeply satisfying. They are perfect for groups, individuals or families looking for a fun and exciting way to spend a few hours or days.

We run ½ Day, ¾ Day, Full Day or Multi-Day guided trips through some of the most incredible water-curved landscapes on the planet. No canyoneering experience is necessary for most trips. Our professional guides will take care to plot routes that suit your fitness and ability levels while packing maximum punch for the amount of time you have. We will provide food, water and transportation from our office to the route and back again as well as all of the technical gear you’ll need for canyoneering, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

During the trips, our knowledgeable guides will fill you in on the rich history and geology of the area as well as educate you on canyon safety, courtesy and ethics to make you a responsible canyoneer.

Guided Canyoneering Trip Options

These trips take place in different canyons depending on the type of trip, season and weather conditions.

  • Half-day Canyoneering Trips – suitable for beginners and those looking for short trips, our ½ day guided tours last for approximately 4-5 hours in the morning or afternoon so you can make it back in time for meals. You can choose between exploring Ephedra’s Grotto and going for a bit of wading in the Chamisa Canyon.
  • ¾ Day Canyoneering Trips – these run for 6-7 hours and require stamina plus a bit of rope work. Expect to combine hiking, rappels, scrambling and short wades as you select a trip to either Hypatia or Little Sinbad Canyons.
  • Full Day Canyoneering Trips – these are ideal for those who don’t mind physical exertion and being outdoors for the better part of the day. The trip’s duration is roughly 8-10 hours filled with stemming, scrambling, hiking and multiple rappels as you navigate canyons in Cedar Mesa or the Hanksville/ North Wash areas.
  • Multi-Day Canyoneering Trips – designed for those with a thirst for canyon exploration, our multi-day trips last 2-3 days and combine excursions to the Hanksville/ North Wash and Cedar Mesa areas.

For more information about guided canyoneering tours near Moab, contact Moab Cliffs & Canyons today.

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Moab Utah’s Premier Outdoor Adventure Guide Services

When it comes to exploring desert landscapes, no one does it better than Moab Cliffs & Canyons. Founded in 1999, we have grown to become Moab, Utah’s premier outdoor adventure guide service, having provided guided tours to over 20,000 thrilled clients.    

We offer a veritable buffet for those who love the rugged desert terrain, from exploring stunning slot canyons to hiking desert trails and ascending some of Moab’s legendary sandstone spires.

Our rock climbing and canyoneering tours cater to adventure enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels- whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to rack up more ascents, a first timer discovering the wilderness, a solo traveler seeking a challenge or a family out for some fun.

We guarantee you’ll have the trip of a lifetime!

Professional Guides

As the most trusted and highly recommended climbing guide service in Moab, we place a high value on building long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients and we don’t take your safety lightly. That is why only we hire and train professional guides with a wealth of personal experience climbing and guiding in the area.        

In addition to being accomplished climbers, our guides also have extensive training with a variety of professional certifications under their belts including AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) and WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certifications, among others. They also have expansive knowledge of the desert and will regale you with stories of the area’s geology, natural and cultural history or flora and fauna to enrich your own desert adventure experience.

Adventures You Can Enjoy With Us

To help you explore the rugged desert terrain, we run a variety of 1/2 and 3/4 Day, Full Day and Multi-Day trips through some breathtaking routes. Our outdoor excursions include:

  • Canyoneering tours
  • Hiking tours
  • Rock climbing trips
  • Tower climbing trips
  • Rockaneering tours

Our guides will provide help and instruction every step of the way and will assist you in selecting an adventure best suited to your fitness and skill level.

You can also choose to experience unique tours like the Portaledge Adventure- where you can have a picnic or a night of vertical camping in a cot high off the ground or the Full Moon Guided Tour -where you’ll get to explore the desert from sunset to moonrise.

Book Your Outdoor Adventure Today

At Moab Cliffs & Canyons, we don’t just focus on the fun of desert excursions. We also see ourselves as stewards of the desert and recognize the importance of preserving the fragile wilderness environment and ecosystem.

As part of our philosophy, we address subjects like the rich natural history, geology and local land use during our tours, in the hopes of fostering a deeper appreciation of the area in our clients so they can come to love it as much as we do.

Next time you’re hungry for adventure, come and explore the desert with us. You can contact us at any time for more information about our Moab outdoor guided trips.

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