Moab Utah’s Hiking Tour Guide Services

The best way to experience the remarkable and diverse landscape of Utah’s famed canyon county is by hiking through it. This stunningly beautiful desolate wilderness has been sculptured over thousands of years by wind and water, creating the slot canyons, weird rock formations, towers and spires that are characteristic of the area.

The increasing popularity of this area has led to an influx of visitors with some of the hiking trails becoming as busy as city streets. We welcome the growing interest in the area, but really, that is no way to experience the awesome beauty of the Colorado Plateau.

Guided Hikes in the Moab Desert

As Moab’s oldest outdoor adventure guide service, we place great value on our client’s satisfaction. We know that large crowds mean less attention given to each member of the tour party and that’s not what we’re going for.

At Moab Cliffs & Canyons, we specialize in organizing hiking tours for very small groups of no more than six people. After all, we believe you should get value for your money so we strive to customize your trip to help you see what you want, when you want and with who you want.

Our guided hiking tours take you off the beaten path and you will marvel as the desert opens up for you. By choosing these lesser-known hiking trails, we help you avoid the crowds and take you to places large groups can’t fit. This way, you’ll get to explore the hidden desert nooks without feeling rushed or as if you’re competing for a piece of the action.

Additionally, we will provide knowledgeable and experienced guides to truly enhance your adventure. Our professional guides will take you through the hiking trails with the best scenery as they entertain you with stories of the area’s local and cultural histories, ecology and geology while answering any questions you have. They also carry educational books, charts, artifacts and fossils with them to make your adventure a fun and educational experience.

Our Desert Hiking Trip Options

  • 1/2 Day Hiking Trip to Fisher Towers

Available all year round, this exciting hiking trip is open to anyone who is fit enough to hike 4.5 miles, for 3-4 hours on an easy trail.

The trail itself winds around the Fisher Towers- some of the tallest, most impressive freestanding rocks in the U.S. including The Titan which looms 900ft above the trail! This whole area is a striking maze of pinnacles, soaring fins, natural gargoyles, gothic fluting, spires and a variety of strangely shaped rock formations. The majestic towers and the stunning views of the Fisher Valley and the Colorado River from the trail provide fantastic photo ops so don’t forget to carry a camera.

Our hiking tour guide services are guaranteed to provide a thrilling outdoor adventure that is sure to sate your lust for exploration and discovery. Contact Moab Cliffs & Canyons today to book your trip.