Moab Utah’s Premier Outdoor Adventure Guide Unique Tour Services

Surrounded by a vast red rock playground, the terrain around Moab is unlike any other in the world. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts of all ages are drawn to the area for the endless adventure opportunities. You are literally spoilt for choice with tons of climbing and hiking prospects available.

Here at Moab Cliffs & Canyons, there’s nothing we like more than rock climbing or canyoneering in the desert terrain. As the premier outdoor adventure guide service in Moab, Utah, we’ve earned the reputation of being the area’s vertical specialists and have guided hundreds of our clients to discover the secrets of the desert.

We have been exploring the national park, red rock canyons, natural arches, desert towers, spires, cliffs and other sandstone formations for decades and we know where all the best climbing and canyoneering areas are.

There’s really no truer way to accept the challenge of exploring Moab’s fascinating red rock sandstone formations than by harnessing up and joining one of our unique adventure tours. We customize these tours to cater to novice and veteran climbers, families and groups of all sizes to ensure we give you a beautiful and unforgettable trip.

Our Unique Tour Services

Hiking, rock climbing and canyoneering are all well and good, but sometimes you need an adventure that packs more punch. That is why we offer these two unique tours- the Portaledge Adventure Tour and the Full Moon Adventure.

  • The Portaledge Adventure Tour

Our Portaledge Adventure tour is the best way to enjoy big wall climbing where you’ll get to sit and enjoy a picnic or even spend an entire night in a hanging cot between climbs. Being elevated high off the ground gives you the chance to take in the sweeping vistas of the Colorado Plateau and the desert. The best time to book this trip is from March to November when the weather is accommodating.

One of the questions our clients frequently ask is – Is this adventure safe? Yes, it is!

One of our professional guides will be there with you every step of the way and we’ll also provide all the equipment you’ll need for your adventure. Let us worry about your safety while you worry about having the adventure of a lifetime.

  • The Full Moon Adventure Trip

This is another one of our popular tours. The guided Full Moon Tour involves hiking, easy rope climbing and rappelling up to 80ft all under the light of the moon. The trip runs from 8 pm to midnight so you’ll have ample time to take in the beauty of the desert as few others have.

Contact Moab Cliffs & Canyons if you are looking for a memorable adventure that’s a little out of the ordinary. We guarantee that our guided unique tours will be the highlight of your Moab trip.