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Moab Canyoneering Trips

Canyoneering in the Moab Area

What is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering, in its purest form, is an exceptional way to explore the Desert. So much more than just rappelling or walking through narrow corridors, exploring deep inside these beautiful earthen corridors emboldens you to expand your own physical and mental limits. Few people can resist peering into a deep canyon. It is a work of art, always in-progress. Specialized tools and techniques allow us to probe the ever-changing canyon floor creating one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of life.

Local Moab Canyons are characterized by big rappels and bigger views. Many of the routes weave through multiple fins or giant dome-like rock features taking you in and out of shady and narrow sections. Some local canyons move through riparian environments where vegetation grows abundantly creating micro-oases in the desert (Ephedra’s Grotto and Bow & Arrow). Others are comprised of intermittent slot canyons where standing water fills rock potholes requiring short wades and the occasional swim (Fins & Things, Chamisa, and Hypatia Canyons).

Outside the Moab area we’ve carefully chosen the best technical canyons that ensure easy access and gives the maxim punch for the amount of time invested. We run 3/4 Day, Full Day and Multi-Day Trips through some of the most incredible canyons on the planet! Getting to these areas requires a 1 to 2.5 hour drive from Moab, depending on the location. Often visitors are already traveling past these canyons on the way to and from Moab which means we can also meet you at one of our cool canyons.

Check out the details on our Little Sinbad Canyon, Hanksville & North Wash Canyons and the remote Cedar Mesa Canyons for our full-day and multi-day trips .

Canyoneering Trip Options

1/2 Day Canyoneering Trips

Perfect for the beginner or the busy vacationer. Lasting approximately 4-5 hours, our 1/2 Day Trips can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon, are close to town and get you back by meal time.

Ephedra’s Grotto ~ Chamisa Canyon Bow and Arrow

3/4 Day Canyoneering Trips

Requiring a bit more stamina than our 1/2 Day Trips, our “intermediate” loops are still suitable for people of all skill levels who are comfortable with some off-trail hiking, aren’t afraid of a little scrambling, and easy low-angle climbing. Ropes and Water round out the other challenges of these super-fun and spectacular canyons!

Hypatia Canyon ~ Little Sinbad Canyon ~ Fins and Things ~ 3/4 Chamisa CanyonUpper Granary ~ Pleiades Canyon

Full Day Canyoneering Trips

Our Full Day “advanced” canyoneering routes require some physical exertion and stamina. Fun for people who enjoy being active outside for a good part of the day and can relish the unique workout required to explore these deep & curiously narrow fissures.

Granary Canyon ~ Hanksville / North Wash ~ Cedar Mesa

Multi-Day Canyoneering Trips

Many of our guests, after having done one canyon, crave more!
So we offer up a buffet of canyons with all difficulties and types of challenges. Big rappels? Dark canyons and deep swims? Playing in a giant rock jungle-gym? Or a combo of all the above!

Hanksville / North Wash & Cedar Mesa

Canyoneering Courses

Whether you are brand new to the sport or want to finally master advanced skills such as sand traps, we have a canyoneering course for you! We offer 1, 2, and 3 day courses depending on how much you would like to learn! Our courses are FULL days and are run in the canyons from Moab to the North Wash area. Please reach out to see our course availability!

1, 2, 3+ Day Canyoneering Courses