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Moab Utah Adventure Tours Canyoneering Adventure Tour - Full Day Trip - Granary Canyon

Full Day Canyoneering Trip – Granary Canyon

Our Full Day “advanced” canyoneering routes require physical exertion and stamina.  These trips are a lot of fun for people who enjoy being active outside for a good part of the day, getting a full-body workout and pushing their own limits either physically or mentally.

Granary Canyon is closed to Big Horn Sheep Lambing Season from April 1st through August 15th

Granary Canyon is where the Cane Creek Anticline brushes up against the Kings Bottom Syncline to create a roiling sea of polished, ancient rock. Details of the geological processes at work are punctuated throughout the day (rock talk!) since the views beg to be discussed and interpreted.

This stunning view will be our steady back drop as we negotiate the beautiful canyons and corridors of Granary Canyon. Named for the occasional ancient storage bins used by Moab’s early inhabitants, the Ancestral Puebloans (formerly known as the Anasazi). These small, well-hidden rock structures were the first prototypes of the building technique (using local mortar) that gave rise to the more famous cliff palaces located elsewhere in the Four Corners area.

One challenge of the canyon (and there will be many!) will be to locate the granaries, arches and the occasional natural bridge that this impressive canyon harbors.

Onto the other challenges! You’ll experience six miles of moderate hiking, 2000 feet of elevation loss with an occasional short, easy section of down climbing – often attached to a rope for extra security.

Then there are the rappels! With a mix of easy and challenging rappels you’ll have the chance to try out some “advanced” rope techniques. The rappels drop you into some incredibly beautiful and unique formations – the work of water and gravity creating artworks of stone.

The rappelling skills you’ll have mastered throughout the day will be tested with our last rappel – a 200ft drop that deposits us close to the banks of the Colorado River!

Private or Chartered Guide

$70 / person added to your cost ensures that no one else will join your party, providing your group with more time for discussion and one-on-one instruction from our professional guides who specialize in the safest climbing/canyoneering techniques as well as the local natural history, geology, flora, and fauna.

Group discount of 10% available for nine or more.

Trip Overview

  • Duration:  8 – 10 hours
  • Drive from Moab:  45 minutes
  • Max guide-to-client ratio:  1:6
  • Season:  spring,  fall
  • Hiking length:  6 miles moderate, downhill, off-trail hiking
  • Technical:  6 rappels (120ft, 70ft, 60ft, 40ft, 20ft, 200ft)

Skill & Fitness Level

  • No canyoneering experience required but is highly encouraged
  • Intermediate athletic skill level
  • Must be able to hike 6 miles over natural terrain
  • Must be able to scramble, stem, and climb up, down, or over canyon obstacles with a rope assist
  • Minimum age:  12 yrs
  • Children must be mature enough to use reason and logic to mitigate their instinctual fear of backing over a cliff edge and also weigh enough to counter the mass of the rope they’ll need to push through their rappel device.

What to Bring

  • 3-4 liters of water per person
  • A long sleeve, quick-drying shirt to use to warm up after potential pools of water
  • Extra dry clothes may also be necessary depending on the temperature that day
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Brimmed hat
  • Light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection)
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain gear
  • Camera (waterproof)
  • Extra snacks if you get really hungry, are a growing teenager or have dietary restrictions or allergies


We provide

  • Sandwich & snacks
  • All of the technical gear you will need for canyoneering
  • Rental canyoneering shoes with extra-sticky rubber for gripping the rock and quick-draining material for your comfort at $8 a pair
  • Transportation from our office to the route and back to our office

What you should wear

  • Shoes with a soft, flexible sole, such as running shoes or lightweight hiking shoes that you are comfortable possibly getting wet or dirty
  • No open-toed sandals, please
  • Clothes that are light-weight and loose fitting so to allow you flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Clothes that are suitable for the season
  • No cotton jeans or sweatshirts

Departure Times:

All trips depart from our office at 253 North Main, Moab UT.  See location on Google map

  • 8:00am

Please be at our office at least 15 minutes before departure for check-in.

Early reservations are recommended!