Moab Utah Adventure Tours Rock Climbing Course – Indian Creek Jam Camp

Indian Creek Jam Camp – Rock Climbing Camp – Biannual Special

$595 per person – 3 person minimum – all-inclusive, with outfitted camping

Trip Overview

Each morning, the focus will be on sizing up and preparing for the cracks you’ll be climbing.  Guides will cover selecting the right size and quantity of gear for any particular route and how to rack your gear for the cracks’ size and length.  They will help you visualize how the route will climb, where rests might exist and other insights that will help you compose your climbs.

Throughout the camp, we will climb every size of crack in order to practice a wide variety of jamming techniques.  Guides will help you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, compiling a strategy to understand and refine the skills that will make you more confident and in control.

Desert crack-climbing requires certain jamming skills difficult to hone anywhere but on the cliffs of Southeast Utah. Unraveling the secrets to ascending these lines is what our Jam Camp is all about.

Our Jam Camp guides, widely considered to be specialists in parallel-sided crack routes, bring years of Indian Creek crack-climbing experience to you.

Indian Creek is named for the stream that made this valley a popular haunt of the Anasazi (now known as the Ancestral Puebloan) more than a thousand years ago.  More recently, the region has become the epitomization of the Old West.

With iconic mesas and spires jutting out of range-lands that have been part of the area’s ranching history for more than a century, it is the perfect backdrop for building skills of grit and grace.