Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy 2017-07-31T17:20:06+00:00

We love what we do, not just because the activity of it is fun, but also because we are renewed and inspired by the places we go. Our trips visit many pristine and fragile wilderness environments that have recently seen a surge in visitation, threatening their wilderness qualities. The statement that we are “loving the desert to death” is becoming all too true.

But, we don’t believe  that means we’re supposed to bar the entry. Experiencing this land enables us to relate to it; relating to this land illuminates its meaning and value to our lives individually and collectively.

As a commercial enterprise, we believe that means focusing on more than just a thrill. We see every trip as an opportunity to facilitate a new relationship that ultimately makes us all feel enriched for having spent time here. Thus, if you travel with us, you’ll get a dose of our passion for the rich natural history and geology of this area.

Our goal is to set a standard in the outfitting industry that encourages stewardship of the land by promoting a deeper appreciation through information and an exchange of ideas.