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Canyoneering Courses

1, 2, 3+ Day Canyoneering Courses in the Moab area

Canyoneering Instructional Courses!  Each day of the course will be taught in one or more canyons as most canyoneering skills are best taught in canyon environments. Instructors will encourage you to master certain essential rope skills that form the foundation of safe canyon traveling. Further expanding your education you’ll learn the techniques required for the challenges of more committing canyons with emphasis on minimizing impacts to these fragile places.

All of our courses are private and will be directly tailored to your skills and goals!

Canyoneering Course Options

Level I – Introduction to Canyoneering – 1 Day     Book Online! 

Our Introductory Course teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a well-led group with the eventual goal of being a competent participant with the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices. This course is an important step for anyone enticed into by canyoneering and who may be considering descending canyons independently.
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Level II – Intermediate Canyoneering Course – 2 Days     Call to Book Your Course!

Our goal for this course is to see you develop strong decision making and critical thinking skills in a canyon environment using a myriad of specialized tools and techniques putting you on the path to being an independent and confident canyoneer.

This intermediate course confirms your requisite rope skills and rappelling fundamentals and elaborates on anchoring, teamwork, sequencing, and efficiency in all things. Oriented to create a competent participant, with the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices with the goal of descending easier canyons independently.
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Level III – Advanced Canyoneering Course – 3+ Days   Call to Book Your Course!


This intensive course will review the foundational skills through the intermediate level and progress to include the extensive skills required to be a competent canyoneer leader, able to address the comprehensive challenges faced in advanced-level canyoneering in a variety of settings and conditions.
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