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Moab Utah Adventure Tours Intermediate Canyoneering Course – 3 Days In Moab Canyons

3 Day Advanced Canyoneering Course

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This intensive course will review the foundational skills through the intermediate level and progress to include the extensive skills required to be a competent canyoneer, able to address the comprehensive challenges faced in advanced-level canyoneering.

Our goal for this course is to see you develop strong decision making and critical thinking skills in a canyon environment using a myriad of specialized tools and techniques putting you on the path to being an independent and confident canyoneer.

This Advanced Course broadens the skills and techniques taught in the Intermediate Canyoneering Course and builds a stronger foundation of experience by using practical scenarios in real slot canyon environments.  Concurrently, by understanding the nature of desert canyons we can anticipate many challenges brought about by: weather, technical terrain and group dynamics.

Through application of these new techniques and an understanding of risk management you’ll build confidence in your skills empowering you to act decisively and mitigate rigging and anchoring challenges comfortably.  Towards the end of the course your instructor will play a smaller supervisory role allowing you to assert your competence while gauging your readiness for more challenging canyons.

  • Day One begins with a speedy and comprehensive review of the foundational skills that will then be broadened and refined.
  • Day Two is our fullest day with an extensive amount of canyon curriculum to be addressed and mastered.
  • Day Three finds you in-canyon building and evaluating anchors, problem solving what-ifs, and doing personal rescue scenarios.

Trip Overview

  • Duration:  8 – 9 hours per day
  • Drive from Moab:  15 min to 2 hours
  • Season:  Spring, Summer, & Fall
  • Max. guide to student ratio:  1:5
  • Technical Challenges:  Rappels up to 200’, hiking and scrambling up to 5.7

What you can expect to learn

  • Efficient Rope Management
  • Advanced Knots & Clutch Systems
  • Retrievable Anchor Systems (Macrame, Kurt, CEM, Fiddlestick, Pullcord & Sling, etc)
  • Transient Anchors (sandtrap, potshots)
  • Artificial Anchor Installation & Inspection (Bolts & Pitons)
  • Advanced Rope Deployment Methods
  • Multi-Pitch Rappels
  • Sequencing and Pre-Rigging for Fail-Safe
  • Courtesy Rappels
  • Simul Rappels (counterweight rappels)
  • Combination Rappel and Passive Lower System
  • Advanced Rope Work for Traverses/Re-Belays
  • Guided Rappels (pig-rig, counterweight, gearless tensioning systems)
  • Deviations/Re-Directs
  • Ascending Methods & Converting to Rappel
  • Passing Knots on Ascend and Rappel
  • Pothole Escape Techniques (partner assist, pot shot, hooking, aid climbing, 2:1 raise)
  • Basics of Mechanical Advantage
  • Rescue Systems
  • Group Dynamics and Leadership

Skill & Fitness Level

  • Intermediate athletic skill level
  • Previous climbing & rappelling experience required
  • Must be able to hike up to 6 miles over moderate to more difficult natural terrain
  • Minimum age:  14 years

We provide

  • Sandwich
  • Snacks (granola bars, peanuts, etc)
  • All of the technical gear you will need for canyoneering (see below)
  • Transportation from our office to the route and back to our office

What to Bring:

  • 4 liters of water per person, per day
  • Any personal canyoneering gear you have/use (to be reviewed by your instructor)
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Brimmed hat
  • Light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection or as insulation if temps dictate)
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain gear
  • Camera
  • Extra snacks if you get really hungry, are a growing teenager, or have dietary restrictions or allergies
  • Drybag
  • Waterproof camera
  • Extra dry clothes

What you should wear

  • “Approach” or Canyoneering Shoes recommended – yet soft, flexible soles, such as running shoes or lightweight hiking shoes that you are comfortable getting wet, dirty & abused.
  • Clothes that are light-weight and loose fitting to allow you flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Clothes that are suitable for the season
  • 3:2 Wetsuit (we will provide if necessary for weather)


The total price for 1, 2, or 3 people is $2,550* for the entire 3 Day Course. Please call or email us for pricing for 4 or more people!

*Plus Tax

Departure Times

All trips depart from our office at 253 North Main, Moab UT. See location on Google map

  • 8:00 am

Please be at our office by 7:45 am to complete any payment or paperwork.

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