Reviews 2015

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Comments we’ve received from clients after their trip

May, 2015

Death by Chocolate – Guided by Riley Jordan
All that I expected and then some. Any concerns about ability were cleared up the day before. Riley was super nice and patient. What a blast of a day! Thank you!
– Lisa Kriewald, North Bend, WA, 05/26/2015

Chamisa Canyon – Guided by John Collis
This was the best day trip for the adventurous average person. John was amazing – patient, knowledgeable, supportive. We had an amazing experience and will certainly do more canyoneering after this.
– Aron and Sandy Sage, Denver, CO 05/25/2015

North Wash – Guided by Riley Jordan
We came on this trip not knowing what to expect. We thought we’d walk through a canyon and hop over a few boulders. Instead, we got an experience of a lifetime. We shimmed over crevices, rappelled down sheer cliffs, and just had an amazing experience. Riley did everything you’d expect from a guide and more. Would recommend to everyone!
– Shephen Hsiao and Wendy Chen, San Francisco, CA, 05/24/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Chris Hills
Absolutely awesome! Chris gave us confidence and encouragement even with us all being extremely nervous. I’m so glad that we did this. The views are breathtaking. This is definitely a highlight of our trip.
– Tim, Ann, and Timothy Lewis, Hattiesburg, MS, 05/24/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Matt Scrivner (Riley Jordan half guide)
This trip was amazing, it was everything we expected and more. The views were breathtaking, the info was relevant and interesting. Matt was an exceptional guide, very entertaining and smart. I will definitely be back for another trip! Keep Matt and Riley around and you will never be short of satisfied customers. I have nothing negative to say!
– Greg Gardner, Weatherford,TX, 05/23/2015

Hypatia Canyon – Guided by Dustin Eel
Our trip was a true excursion which exceeded all of our expectations. Dustin was an excellent guide and did a fine job of encouraging us along despite all of our party being complete novias to canyoneering and rappelling.
– Matt Zielinski, Moorestown, NJ, 5/23/2015

Hypatia Canyon – Guided by Riley Jordan
The best canyoneering experience I’ve ever had! I’ve never been on a guided tour like it!
– Jennica Janssen, Philadelphia, PA, 05/20/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Heather Gallagher and Chris Hills
We had a blast! Great intro into canyoneering. We do quite a bit of climbing, so it was fun to be exposed to a new activity. We definitely want to pursue and improve our canyoneering skills! Thanks for a fun honeymoon adventure!
– Tawnie and Jared Moss, Logan, UT 05/20/2015

Hypatia Canyon – Guided by Joe Stern
Joe is a great and knowledgable guide. He made it a number one trip to remember.
– Yaron Bloch, Herzelia, Israel, 05/19/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Chris Hills and Matt Scrivner
Matt and Chris provided expertise, guidance, moral, and emotional support for our women’s adventure retreat. Their calm demeanor kept any butterflies at bay. It was really quite a fantastic experience!
– Michelle Poole, Austin, TX, 05/16/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Chris Hills and Matt Scrivner
Everything was Fantastic! Matt and Chris were both wonderful, very professional, knowledgable, and excellent in teaching / instilling confidence during the experience. I would certainly recommend anyone to canyoneer with them. Thanks guys!
– Donna Melaie, San Jose, CA, 05/08/2015

Ephedra’s Grotto – Guided by Dustin Eels
Dustin was the perfect guide. He was informative and fun! This was the highlight of our vacation!
– Jim Bacis, Raynham, MA, 05/08/2015

Chamisa Canyon – Guided by Chris Hills and Matt Scrivner
Unbelievable tour. This was totally out of my comfort zone and they made it seem so much easier. Amazing experience! Would highly recommend them any time.
– Christina Dye, Wellesley, ON 05/07/2015
The scenery is terrific. The canyoneering is amazing. But the guides make the trip.
– Brian Dyce, Wellesley, ON 05/07/2015
Matt and Chris were fantastic guides who helped make this adventure fantastic! Helpful, encouraging, friendly, knowledgable. Thanks for making a great memory.
– Judy and Jeff Gardiner, Wellesley, ON 05/07/2015

Fiery Furnace – Guided by Riley Jordan
Just do it, all worth it.
– Renata and Rafael Porzucek, Cincinnati, OH, 05/07/2015

April, 2015

½ Day Rock Climbing at Wall Street – Guided by Chris Hills
Our guide was very professional and friendly, he took time to explain everything. He was accommodating, instructional, and ensured we learned and had a great time. Two thumbs up for Chris. Everything was fun.
– Neil Voskoboynikov, Miami, FL, 4/24/15

Fiery Furnace – Guided by Heather
We thought it was great, just perfect for all levels. We felt challenged and relaxed – were learning too. If you only have one day in Moab, take this hike with Cliffs and Canyons. Its fun, intimate, exciting, and will give you memories for a lifetime.
– Susan Garfield, Wayland, MA, 4/24/15

Fiery Furnace – Guided by Riley
The trip was fantastic. The perfect amount of challenge with the right amount of geology, biology, and history. Riley did an awesome job meandering through the rock structures for an enjoyable family experience.
– RB Klinkenberg, Burlington, VT, 4/19/15

Ephedras Grotto – Guided by Joe Tehan
The tour was great and the rappels were incredible. Thanks for the good times!
– Cami Tubbs, Moab, UT, 4/18/15

Ephedras Grotto – Guided by Chris Hills
I was so impressed how Chris handled the needs of our diverse group. He especially spent time with my mother to help her feel confident, calm, and she even left wanting to do it again.
Chris gave clean, precise instructions and helped make this adventure very enjoyable! Friendly and conscientious too. This was one of the most amazing things I have ever done!
Chris was pleasant and informative on all parts of the hike. I learned many new and amazing things. Thanks for giving us the confidence to do that big rappel!
– Caitlin, Jenna, and Diane Reid, 4/18/15

North Wash Canyoneering – Guided by Riley
Riley was a very capable and professional guide. He is well versed in slot canyoneering and rappelling. I would highly recommend this company and this guide.
– Doug MacDonald, Georgetown, MA, 4/17/15

½ Day Rock Climbing at Wall Street – Guided by Riley
An amazing bucket list item! Riley was friendly, chill, and encouraging.
– Leslie Wood, Soda Springs, CA, 4/16/15