1/2 day Family Rockaneering Guided Trip

Adv. 1/2 day Rockaneering Guided Trip

We created this unique rockaneering adventure especially for active families who want a fun introduction to roped-rock climbing and rappelling. These skills are easy for people of any age to embrace, providing one starts out on very easy terrain and increases the challenges only when everyone has had the same level of success. 

Having been with hundreds of families on our Family Rockaneering Trips, we have learned a lot about what makes a successful family adventure. We see value in offering a casual approach that will build confidence in beginning climbers and their parents who are hoping to instill a future of family adventures involving ropes, cliffs and canyons.

Your guide will set the pace and tone of the trip so that the parents can relinquish some of their responsibilities and enjoy the activity. Then, your guide will give the kids some of the responsibility for team safety and hold them accountable for the safety of themselves and the other members. All of the participants are charged with reaching a common goal, and have equal say in how the goal is reached.

An amazing thing often happens at this point – kids step up to the challenge and become very pro-active about being safe and supportive of the family or group. They listen to the instructions and follow the rules and push themselves to go for new experiences.

Our job is to ensure that everyone has a fun, no-pressure experience.

Your job is to have a fantastic Family Rockaneering Adventure!


This trip requires 3 people to run for the normal rates, listed below.

If your group only has 2 people and no other party gets added, then we will contact you and give you the option of
1) paying the 2-person price listed below,
2) changing the departure date or time of your trip to join another group, or
3) receiving a full refund.

  • $340 / person for group of 1 – $340 total
  • $170 / person for group of 2 – $340 total
  • $150 / person for group of 3 – $450 total
  • $140 / person for group of 4 – $560 total
  • $130 / person for group of 5 – $650 total
  • $120 / person for group of 6 – $720 total
  • $110 / person for group of 7 – $770 total
  • $100 / person for group of 8+ – $800+ total

Trip Overview

  • Duration:  5 hours
  • Drive from Moab:  10 minutes
  • Max guide-to-client ratio:  1:6
  • Season:  Any
  • Hiking:  1 mile with gradual vertical gain of 300ft to the top of the formation
  • Technical:  Easy roped-climbing, fun un-roped climbing and scrambling challenges, rappels up 80ft

What you can expect to learn

  • Casual and easy introduction to roped climbing
  • Trusting the rope and safety system
  • How to navigate and be respectful of high places
  • How to rappel safely

Skill & Fitness Level

  • No canyoneering or climbing experience required
  • Beginner-intermediate athletic skill level
  • Must be able to hike 1 mile over moderate to steep, natural terrain
  • Must be able to scramble, stem, and climb up, down, or over moderate obstacles with a rope assist
  • Minimum age:  6 years

What to Bring

We provide

  • Snacks (granola bars, peanuts, etc)
  • Drinking water
  • All of the technical gear you will need for climbing and rappelling
  • Transportation from our office to the route and back to our office

What you should wear

  • Shoes with a soft, flexible sole, such as running shoes or lightweight hiking shoes that you are comfortable possibly getting wet or dirty
  • No open-toed sandals, please
  • Clothes that are light-weight and loose fitting to allow you flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Clothes that are suitable for the season

Other items we recommend that you bring

  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Brimmed hat
  • Light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection)
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain gear
  • Camera
  • Extra snacks if you get really hungry or have dietary restrictions or allergies

Departure Times

All trips depart from our office at 253 North Main, Moab UT. See location on Google map
Morning and afternoon departure times available for this trip:

  • 8:00am
  • 3:oopm

Please be at our office at least 15 minutes before departure for check-in.
Early reservations are recommended!

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