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Moab, Utah is a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. There’s endless adventuring to be done in Moab. While some come for the river rafting, off-roading or camping prospects, others come for an entirely different reason – rock climbing.

With a desert adorned with magnificent spires and rock formations, mazes of slot canyons, hundreds of natural arches and desert towers of every height and shape, Moab is a mecca for rock climbers.

We at Moab Cliffs & Canyons are pros when it comes to exploring this fascinating desert landscape. As the leading canyoneering and rock climbing guide service in Moab, we can help make your trip a memorable experience. If you really want to get up close and personal with the wilderness environment and its wonderful geological rock formations, here are 5 adventure tours that should top your Moab to-do list:

  • Canyoneering Tours

Our guided canyoneering tours will have you rope-climbing, scrambling, rappelling and occasionally swimming as you navigate the beautiful canyon mazes of the southeast. We run 1/2 day, 3/4 day, full and even multiday canyoneering trips to popular canyons such as Ephreda’s Grotto, Chamisa Canyon, Little Sinbad and Hypatia Canyons, among many others. You can also enroll in our Canyoneering Guide Courses to learn how to become a proficient canyoneer.

  • Rock Climbing Tours

If you’re looking to climb way off the ground and challenge yourself while enjoying expansive views of the Colorado Plateau, then our rock climbing tours are for you. Our guides will work with you to plan the best climbing options according to your fitness and skill level. We conduct 1/2 or full day trips to areas such as Looking Glass Rock, San Rafael Swell and Indian Creek- for those seeking crack climbing opportunities.

  • Desert Tower Rock Climbing Tours

Desert towers jut out like sentinels in the landscape, challenging anyone to scale their heights. Our guided desert tower rock climbing tours allow you to do just that so you can enjoy the expansive views from the summit of these spires. We have excursions to Ancient Art for beginner and intermediate-level climbers as well as tours to Castleton Tower for experienced climbers.

  • Rockaneering Tours

Join our rockaneering tours for an extraordinarily fun and exciting day filled with a combination of canyoneering, rock climbing, rappelling and hiking. We offer guided ½ day family tours and full day rockaneering trips to 300 B.C so there’s something sure to suit your preferences.

Contact us today if you are interested in any of the above adventure tours in Moab. We will do our best to deliver a unique guided trip that you’ll remember for years.