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3/4 Day Canyoneering Trip – Pleiades Canyon

Requiring a bit more stamina than our 1/2 Day Trips, our “intermediate” loops are still suitable for people of all skill levels who are used to activity and will enjoy the exertion of scrambling, climbing, and hiking as well as the rope work of canyoneering.

Hidden 5,000 feet above Moab Valley in the La Sal mountain range resides the short-but-stunning
Pleiades Canyon. This is quite a unique one for the Moab area due to its alpine environment, lush spread
of greenery and showers from above by virtue of the spring-fed Brumley Creek. That’s right! We’re
talking about canyoneering in waterfalls! In two miles of covered ground there is so much to enjoy.
Beautiful aspen trees, a stunning view of the desert below, 6-7 rappels, flowing water, slot terrain and an
arch to admire at the end! Escape the crowds, enjoy cooler temperatures and get a one-of-a-kind
experience on this spectacular trip!

The water in Pleiades is cold year-round so we will be providing wetsuits on every trip!

Exactly what makes this canyon so special can also cause plans to be changed last minute! The evolving flow levels of the spring-fed water in the this canyon dictate if it is feasible to drop in or not. There is a small chance that we will get to the start of the canyon and the water flow is too high to continue. If this rare occurence happens, then we will pivot to a different canyon in the area!

**Road Closures are affecting access – we are only able to access Pleiades Canyon Saturdays and Sundays in 2024!**


Private or Chartered Guide

$70 / person added to your cost ensures that no one else will join your party, providing your group with more time for discussion and one-on-one instruction from our professional guides who specialize in the safest climbing/canyoneering techniques as well as the local natural history, geology, flora, and fauna.

Trip Overview

  • Duration:  6 – 7 hours
  • Drive from Moab:  45 minutes
  • Max. guide to client ratio:  1:6
  • Season:  June – September
  • Cold flowing water
  • Technical: 2 miles of intermediate-advanced hiking, steep grades, easy scrambling, rappelling in waterfalls, 6-7 rappels up to 65ft

Skill & Fitness Level

  • No canyoneering experience required, but rappelling experience is helpful
  • Intermediate to advanced athletic skill level
  • Must be able to travel for 4 or 5 hours through a tight canyon system
  • Must be able to rally through cold water
  • Minimum age:  12 years
  • Children must be mature enough to use reason and logic to mitigate their instinctual fear of backing over a cliff edge and also weigh enough (around 50lbs.) to counter the mass of the rope they’ll need to push through their rappel device.

What to Bring

  • 2 liters of water per person
  • Extra dry clothes to change in to after the trip
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Brimmed hat
  • Light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection)
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain gear
  • Camera (waterproof)
  • Extra snacks if you get really hungry, are a teenager, or have dietary restrictions or allergies

We provide

  • Sandwich & snacks
  • All of the technical gear you will need for canyoneering
  • Wetsuits
  • Backpacks
  • Drybags
  • Rental canyoneering shoes with extra-sticky rubber for gripping the rock and quick-draining material for your comfort at $8 a pair
  • Transportation from our office to the canyon and back

What you should wear

  • Running shoes or lightweight hiking shoes that you are comfortable getting wet and dirty
  • No open-toed sandals allowed
  • Clothes that are light-weight and loose fitting to allow you flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Clothing materials such as fleece that insualte well
  • No cotton jeans or sweatshirts

    Departure Times

    All trips depart from our office at 253 North Main, Moab UT.  See location on Google map

    8:00am or 9:00am, depending on the weather

    Please be at our office at least 15 minutes before departure for check-in.
    Early reservations are recommended!

    Review Our Cancellation Policies