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Moab, Utah is an adventure mecca for families. With several national and state parks, each brimming with a huge array of outdoor activities, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. If you were planning on just passing through Moab, stop and treat your family to an adventure they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

As the premier outdoor adventure guide service in Moab, Moab Cliffs & Canyons can give you pointers on some of the adventures to include in your to-do list during your stop. We’ll even take it a step further and give you highly trained, knowledgeable guides who can show you some of the hidden gems in Moab, far from the crowds.

Here are some epic adventures to enjoy with your family in Moab:


  • Hiking Tours.


Arches and Canyonlands National Parks have excellent hiking trails suitable for families with tots and teens. Join one of our guided hiking tours and get to see the parks while one of our guides points out notable attractions and features in the landscape. If you wish to avoid the crowds, we can take you through some fantastic trails outside the parks e.g. the Fisher Towers trail.


  • Rock Climbing Trips.


If you have some active children on your hands, why not put their energy to good use by taking them on a rock climbing tour? At Moab Cliffs & Canyons, we cater for families with kids as young as 6 years and we’ll adapt the tour to fit your family’s needs and experience level. After ascending to the top of some of Moab’s most notable rocks, e.g. Looking Glass Rock, you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the desert.


  • Guided Canyoneering Tours.


Moab’s canyonlands are an awesome playground for novice and accomplished canyoneers. With one of our guided canyoneering tours, you too can get to explore these deep, narrow water-carved canyons. In the heat of summer, our wet canyoneering trips, which include wading or swimming through some water-filled potholes in some canyons (like Hypatia and Chamisa canyons), provide an excellent way to cool down. Our ½ day canyoneering tours are perfect if you’re short on time.


  • Rockaneering Adventures.


We also have ½ day family rockaneering adventure tours in Moab for families that want a fun introduction to rappelling and roped-rock climbing. Rockaneering combines elements of canyoneering, mountaineering and rock climbing, making for an exhilarating and physically gratifying activity. During the tour expect to climb, rappel, explore canyons and walk over fins all while taking in the magnificent scenery.

If you’re planning to book a trip with us (as we hope you will ) we encourage you to go through our Frequently Asked Questions page as it contains lots of information on what to bring, wear and expect on our adventure tours. Contact us if you don’t find answers to your questions and we’ll be glad to help.