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As the premier climbing and canyoneering guide service in Moab, we at Moab Cliffs & Canyons are committed to helping people discover the wonders of our local slot canyons. Other than guided tours, we also provide canyoneering courses designed to give you the confidence and technical skills you need to safely pursue canyoneering while minimizing your impact on the fragile desert environment.

Our professionally guided courses combine ‘class time’ with practical lessons in the field and are customized to fit different fitness levels. This way, you learn the theory part of canyoneering then get a chance to test your knowledge by descending one or more canyons.

The instructional courses are divided into 3 levels- the Introductory Course, Intermediate Canyoneering Course and the Advanced Canyoneering Course.

Level I- Introduction to Canyoneering

This introductory course is meant to give you a solid understanding of canyoneering techniques and systems. The end goal is to help you learn and implement safe canyon practices and to empower you to eventually descend simple canyons independently.

This is a single-day course running for 5-7 hours consisting of half a day of groundwork covering the basics, followed by a half day of fieldwork. While previous rappelling or climbing experience is recommended, it’s not necessary and anyone 12 years old and above can enroll.

During the course, you can expect to learn about canyoneering gear (selection, use and care), simple rope setups used in canyoneering including different hitches, knots and bends, proper rappelling and belaying techniques, the canyon rating system and so much more.

Level II – Intermediate Canyoneering Course

The Intermediate course runs for 2 days, 5-7 hours a day and is open for all those above 12 years old. The goal of this course is to build on what was learned during the introduction and to take it further by elaborating on the usage of different specialized canyoneering tools and techniques.

Day 1 of the course is spent going over the ground skills required for safe canyoneering like proper equipment selection and care, reading and interpreting weather forecasts, canyon courtesy and ethics.

Day 2 is spent in a canyon environment where participants perfect their anchoring, climbing, on-rope and basic self-rescue techniques.

Level III- Advanced Canyoneering Course

This is the most intense course among the three. The minimum enrollment age for the 3-day course is 16 years and previous rappelling and climbing experience is mandatory.

Our aim here is to make you a proficient advanced-level canyoneer by reviewing and broadening the skills acquired at the intermediate level and also help you develop solid critical thinking and decision making skills through practical scenarios in the canyons.

Day 1 involves a comprehensive review of the basics while Day 2 delves into an extensive amount of advanced canyoneering skills and techniques. The final day is spent in the field participating in problem-solving, safety-checking and personal rescue exercises.

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