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The Arches National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Utah. However, being outdoor adventure experts who live and play in Moab, we can help you discover spectacular scenic hiking trails that you can explore far from the crowds.

In no particular order, here are some of Moab Cliffs and Canyon’s top 10 hiking trails outside Arches National Park. Many of our clients often wonder what to bring or wear on hikes so take a look at our frequently asked questions to get answers on these and other inquiries to ensure you’re well prepared.

  • Corona Arch Trail

This 3-mile trail leads hikers past the Ponto and Bowtie Arches before culminating at the magnificent Corona Arch, one of the largest arches in the Moab area. It was designated as a National Recreational Trail on May 30th 2018.

  • Fisher Towers Trail

This is one of our most popular guided hiking tours. Leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their owners as we go on a 5.2-mile hike through a bizarre landscape of fins, pinnacles, gargoyles and spires that make up the Fisher Towers.

  • Hidden Valley Trail

Give yourself about 3 hours to navigate this challenging hiking trail that follows the ancient paths used by Native Americans. As you climb to a 680-foot elevation, keep an eye out for some interesting petroglyphs at the base of some of the cliffs.

  • Hunter Canyon Trail

Expect to cover a total of 3.4 miles out and back as you follow this deep twisting canyon trail, lined with soaring sandstone cliffs. The good news is that it’s an easy hike and cottonwood trees provide shade along parts of the trail.

  • Dinosaur Tracks Trail

Perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts, this family-friendly hike will take you to a large boulder with imprints of dinosaur tracks. It’s a short hike of 0.2 miles and can be done in 30 minutes so you can bring your kids along.

  • Grandstaff Trailhead (formerly known as Negro Bill Canyon Trail)

This is a fun and popular day hike for people of all ages and fitness levels. The highlight of this hike is the beautiful Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

  • Culvert Canyon/ Jeep Arch Trail

Hikers who follow this slightly-difficult cairned trail up the serene Culvert Canyon are rewarded with scenic views, solitude and the best photo ops of an arch that’s shaped just like a Jeep!

  • Moab Rim Trail

If you’re athletic and looking for a quick workout, a challenging route and panoramic views of the Arches National Park, the La Sal Mountains and the Colorado River, this is the hike for you.

  • Portal Overlook Trail

Rated difficult, this trail starts out at JayCee Park campground and follows a cairned route up a series of sandstone ramps to the overlook. The lack of safety fences make the overlook a bit of a hazard so take care.

  • Ken’s Lake Trail

Suitable for all skill levels, this lightly-trafficked family-friendly trail will take you to Faux Falls and the picturesque reservoir/ lake where you can enjoy some fishing.

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